Denis, c.Cheboksary
Good day!
I would like to thank you for the quality product. My store has been working with you for a year now!
I like very much that your assortment is often updated and there is always a good selection of fashionable clothes. The operational work of managers, which is rare in our time and an accurate and fast delivery of goods. Qualitatively selected patterns, dimensional grid matching and good price make you an excellent supplier. Thanks for your work!
Irina, c.Yekaterinburg
I have been cooperating with TALIA for more than a year. I would like to note: the quality of tailoring and fabrics, a large and weekly updated range, in accordance with fashion trends! Attentive, polite, competent managers who will always pick up exactly what you need !!! I wish the company more creative ideas and I hope for further cooperation!
Aliya, c.Nizhnekamsk
I have been working with TALIA for about 3 years, I was not mistaken in choosing the factory. Very happy weekly product updates. The quality of fabrics and tailoring at height. Reasonable prices and variety of assortment attract our customers. I wish your company further prosperity, many new ideas, inspiration to your designers. Special thanks to your managers for understanding, patience and attentiveness to customers.
 I hope for further fruitful cooperation !!!
Alena, c.Novosibirsk
Good day!
We would like to thank your Sateen factory for a good quality product. We have been working with you for a year! During the work you have established yourself only on the positive side. Turning to your Sateen factory, you can have no doubt in the professionalism of managers, they solve all issues very quickly. Delivery of goods is carried out on time and efficiently. As for the products, the quality is excellent, the sizes correspond, the prices are pleasant. During this time, we found in you a reliable partner and stable supplier. Thank you for your work. We wish you prosperity. We look forward to further cooperation.

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